Lion Fragrance Deo, Long Lasting Natural Attar – 6 ML


  • No Alcohol
  • Long-Lasting Upto 24 Hours
  • Quality Product of Lion Fragrance
  • Suitable for Office Employees
  • Great Impression on Co-workers
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‘Lion fragrance is one of the best brands of India for making fragrances. Now we have made a fragrance which is ruling the market. we have tested each and every fragrance to over 300 employees of its company. and the Mukaddas attar by lion fragrance is one of the best attars which loved too much by most of the people. The Mukaddas attar by lion fragrance is an amazing product. it is specially designed for office-going people and the people who are doing a desk job, like software engineers, bank employees, etc. lion fragrance is the best for whole day fragrance. for better results apply it on the back side of your hand then rub it on your outfits [cloths]. outfit [cloths].
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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 12 cm
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